Heidi Darling is the owner of Darling Fiduciary Services. Heidi is a native to Sonoma County with a passion to advocate for individuals or their families throughout California at a time of need. Mrs. Darling has her BA in Business Administration from University of Phoenix, in 2011 she became licensed with the State of California as a Professional Licensed Fiduciary #477 after getting her Certificate to Act as Conservator and Trustee from Cal State Fullerton. She is a member of the National Guardian Association, Professional Fiduciary Association of California (PFAC) and Sonoma County Bar Association. Her work ethics and experience comes from helping her family in the restaurant/ hotel, family farm, 13 years experience working for a large insurance company in the accounting and homeowner claims departments, and her nearly 12 years experience working for a local non profit in Sonoma County assisting seniors with their personal and financial needs.